Social and Corporate Responsibility

”If you want to have it, you should care for it” is an old Greek saying. Nowadays that the destruction of the environment worries the whole world, this saying sounds more valid than ever...


When the destination is your Vision, your Mission the means and your Values your strength, then you can achieve the highest goal...

Commitment to Quality with a Seal

Every statement needs proof. When a company is certified by international quality standards, then Total Quality Management is more than a a commitment...

Total Quality from A to Z!

The certified Total Quality Operational System reassures for ZX FAMI Ltd the best possible result.
We offer our clients services that range from the original idea for a product, the design, the formula and packaging, to the complete manufacturing of the product, storage and delivery.

Manufacturing Process - GMP ISO 22716-2007 applied

Original Design R/D (packaging /product)
In case our client’s need is a complete product, we use techniques to design and create the prototype with computer software, and finally we produce the package. In addition, we can create new formulas for products that comply with our clients’ needs, as well as with legislation and international standards of quality.

The mix of the ingredients is being made under conditions of total hygiene and decontamination in high technology boilers and mixers, by experienced, trained employees.

The bottling of the products takes place in automated production lines, by trained employees.

The storage of the final products is done in the factory, in a space designed to ensure the necessary conditions of temperature and moisture, so as to protect the quality of the products.

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