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Some say that "only if you are looking for something, there is a good chance to find it". Imagine looking at the right direction...

Contract Manufacturing

ZX Fami Ltd undertakes the packaging of production lines for big companies. The companies-clients just provide us their formulas and the stuff required for packing and then we produce their products.

Private Label Products

ZX Fami Ltd is your ideal manufacturing partner for small to medium sized runs of cosmetics and household liquid products. View samples of cosmetics, household, cleaning products with the Private Label of our clients...

Our Products

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State-of-the-art technology and process equipment, modern blenders and mixers give ZX Fami Ltd the ability to manufacture a wide range of products (cosmetics, household, cleaning, industrial etc) to satisfy the demands of consumers and clients worldwide.

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Quality starts with raw materials entering the facility through the total manufacturing and packing process and delivery to your door. We strive to maintain the highest quality throughout which gives customers the confidence to purchase.

In consumer markets saturated with high concentrations of similar products, innovation is a vital differentiator. Our success has been built on our ability to deliver consistently innovative products (cosmetics, household, cleaning, industrial etc) and packaging formats that often leapfrog the offerings of leading name brands.

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