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A story of success

ZX FAMI Ltd is a company that designs, creates, manufactures, bottles and delivers own and Private Label products. ZX FAMI Ltd has 50 years of experience in the field of manufacturing cosmetics and detergents.

Welcome to ZX Fami Ltd!

Friends and partners,

From the first day of its operation, ZX FAMI Ltd is a company that aims in manufacturing superior quality products while offering high quality services to its customers.

Based on the quality of our products and services, our honesty, flexibility, responsiveness, reassurance of the customer and employee's safety, respect to the environment and value for money pricing, we managed to gain the trust of several significant companies, in a rather short period of time.

In ZX FAMI Ltd, every relationship with our clients is a new challenge, a challenge to offer the best. In order to achieve this goal, we operate under international quality and operational standards, we constantly educate our people to new techniques and technology, we utilize new technology, we do research and we develop new products. In other words, we answer in every way to our customers' needs and demands.

We, the people in ZX FAMI Ltd, are always at your service, we promise to constantly upgrade our services and we guarantee the quality of our products. We believe that only with creative work, quality and trustworthiness, we can cultivate fruitful customer relationships now, and in the future.

With regards
Christos Zahariou
General Manager

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