Total Quality from A to Z

The persistence to every detail and the strong will for improvement, lead to products that stand out...


When the destination is your Vision, your Mission the means and your Values your strength, then you can achieve the highest goal...

Commitment to Quality with a Seal

Every statement needs proof. When a company is certified by international quality standards, then Total Quality Management is more than a a commitment...

Nowadays, the protection of the environment, is a Strategic Decision.

For a chemical manufacturer, the protection of the environment is more than a wish, is a society’s demand. In ZX FAMI Ltd, we believe that a healthy, natural environment is our endowment for the generations to come.

1. In 2006, after thorough checks on our practices, our company becomes a member of Green Dot Cyprus that is the organization that manages the solid package litter.

2. For liquid litter, we implement the Grey Water System, therefore, we use the water utilized in production for watering our gardens as well as green parks in the Industrial Zone.

3. In collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, we are in the process of creating a green park in the Industrial Zone.

4. Meanwhile, in ZX FAMI Ltd we work with high school environmental groups in terms of research and development of programs for the protection of the environment.
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