This research project will examine the replacement of a number of ingredients in two existing cleaning products of ZX Fami Ltd. Through the project, substitute products will be produced for the Cream Soap and the Windows Cleaning Product. The new products will be eco-friendly and with limited impact on human health. The selection of the new ingredients will be based on the following guidelines:

1. European Directive 2007/506/[EC] establishing the ecological criteria for the award of the Community eco-label to soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners
2. Commission Decision 2005/344/[EC] establishing ecological criteria for the award of the Community eco-label to all-purpose cleaners
3. Standards of ICEA: Certification Body recognized by the European Commission for ethical, social and environmental certification

The project will be concluded through bibliographic research on the components to be replaced and on the potential formulas that may result. The objective of this task is to provide necessary requirements to be fulfilled by the new products. At the next stage, a series of laboratory experiments of the above-mentioned formulas will take place followed by a verification of the substitute ingredients. The final part of the project includes the promotion of products in the market and also participation of the involved organisations in conferences and through promotional campaign. Additionally, if the development of the new products generates innovative practices, participating organizations will proceed to patent registration.

The project will facilitate the development of local technology and innovative / eco friendly formulas. The project places particular emphasis on the initial stage of production, which includes the development of new products via the collection of data and laboratory experiments.

Project Administrative Details:
Project Start Date: 01/12/2008
Project End Date: 01/12/2010.
The project is financed by the Cyprus Promotion Foundation - CPF (Idrima Proothisis Ereynas).
The total budget of the project is €239.440.
The CPF finances 70% of the total eligible costs which is €169.948.

Participant Organisations in the Project Consortium are:
ZX Fami Ltd: Manufacturing Company of cosmetic and cleaning products.
University of Cyprus
LML CBA (Conquest Business Advisors) Ltd: Business Consultants
Arissandra Cosmetics: Botanical Products Company

The project team members are:
Christos Zachariou
Maritsa Theodorou
Antri Theodorou
Dr. Christos Kokkofitis
Dr. Epameinondas Leontidis
Dr. Aristeidis N. Katsos
Louis M. Loizou
Filio Kyriacou